Perforated pipes for RSW Vessels

RSW, Refrigerated Sea Water system are used for chilling catches mainly of pelagic fish, which are pumped from the net directly into RSW tanks. System also allow longer fishing trips, improve handling, fast bulk chilling of the catch and reduction of losses. In this system, seawater in insulated tanks is cooled by ice and mixed with fish by blowing air through perforated pipes or plates (1).

For few years our company have been producing perforated PE pipes for RSW system. The beginnings were not easy, as we need to design set of machines for drilling. Together with a group of experienced CNC experts  we built an automatic machine to perforation plastic pipes up to 630 mm diameter. All the time we are trying to improve our solution in order to increase capability and quality of drilling.

RSW installationRSW installationRSW installationRSW installation


Perforated strainers for RSW.

We produce also perforated strainers as equipment for RSW systems. In order to ensure the best quality our products, we cooperate with the best European suppliers of plates and other thermoplastic materials. The perforation process elements is performed by CNC machine, which ensures a perfect placement of the holes.

Perforated strainers for RSW Perforated strainers for RSW Perforated strainers for RSW

We work for many customers from Scandinavia where the RSW system concept is very popular. We sell perforated pipes as well as the installation of all plastic piping systems depending on the scope of order by our customers.  If needed our crews can operate in any location worldwide.

(1) Seafood procesing. CRC Press.

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